Acclaimed Filmmaker and Acting Class Guru Ken Fienberg Chats With Positive Phi

Ken Feinberg is informed by breadth of industry knowledge, from his long career behind the scenes to his award-winning performances on stage and screen. Feinberg calls upon a productive four dimensional career that includes producing, directing, writing, and acting for over 25 years in award-winning films, hit television series and major theater projects in Los Angeles, New York, Florida and Atlanta. He has won numerous awards in more than 100 productions, and he has achieved a great deal in the years he’s been in Hollywood after nurturing his career in New York and Atlanta.

As the Founder and CEO of Creative Studios of Atlanta, Feinberg was honored last year with the Outstanding Achievement Award for contribution to the film industry in Georgia at the Georgia Film Awards. An award-winning producer and director with over 100 films to his credit including, four which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

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Filmmaker Ken Feinberg doesn’t exactly have the profile of a guy who just finished making a movie about Santa Claus. In fact, the Atlanta-born, Jewish-raised Feinberg used to make a nice living in Los Angeles, portraying big, bad-looking meanies (bikers, demons, etc.) on shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed — and now here he is directing a family holiday movie called “Santa’s Boot Camp,” starring a bunch of kids, with a cameo by Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts? Now how exactly did THAT happen?

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