We are excited to announce our 300th guest on the Positive Phil Podcast

We are excited to announce our 300th guest on the Positive Phil Show.

Jigar Shah, a Clean-Tech Entrepreneur& Visionary Genius.

Shah maintains that Climate Wealth is created when mainstream investors team up with entrepreneurs, corporations, mainstream capital, and governments at scale to solve the big problems of our time while generating compelling financial returns – not concessionary returns.

“Everything we have on the planet is old right now. It all has to get rebuilt. We can either rebuild it the right way or the wrong way,” Shah says. “It’s the largest wealth creation opportunity of our lifetime.”

I sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation with Jigar Shah as much as I did!
Check Out Our  Interview This Week with Author, Neale Donald Walsch
” Conversations With God” ​

His life and work have helped to create and sustain a worldwide spiritual renaissance. 

In Conversations with God, Book 4: Awaken the Species Walsh brings forth these 16 contrasts between how we live and how an awakened Highly Evolved Being would act. And then he further goes on to cite the 7 Tools of Integration.

Neale Donald Walsh​ is On The Positive Phil Show

Best Selling Author

“Conversations With God”

Neale Donald Walsch is the author of nine books in the Conversations with God series, which have sold more than 10 million copies in 37 languages. He is a major author in the new spirituality movement, having written 29 other books, including eight on the New York Times bestseller’s list.

Positive Phil Podcast

‘’The program consists of interviews with positive people and thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment community.

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