Farmtech…Founder and CEO of Produce Pay spends time with Positive Phil…

Born and raised in a 4th generation farming family from Mexico, Pablo brings over 10 years experience in the fresh-produce industry. After growing up around the family farm, Campos Borquez, a premiere supplier of fresh asparagus and grapes to the United States and Canada, Pablo went on to work for The Giumarra Companies, managing grower relations in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the United States. Pablo returned to the family farm as Chief Financial Officer then went on to complete a Cornell University MBA — it was during his time at Cornell that ProducePay was founded and launched. Pablo is named to the 2015 Ag 40 Under 40 list and enjoys eating asparagus, of course.

We Chat About The Following Topics…

How is ProducePay making the world a better place?
What opportunity is ProducePay offering to the farming industry?
How many farmers have you been helping since the beginning?
How is ProducePay doing?
Why did you start this business?
What do you love about being an entrepreneur?
What Makes Your Business Unique?
What is your proudest business accomplishment?
Did your family support your decision to build this business?
What keeps you going every morning?
What have been the advantages and disadvantages of being the first entrant in this new market?
In what consist this new offer, the ProducePay MarketPlace?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
What is your vision for the company?




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